Treasure Tour: Flagstaff

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The Treasure Tour is a song, music video, and concert series inspired by the Bicentenary (200 year anniversary) of the Birth of Bahá’u’lláh, the Founder of the Baha’i Faith. The song and music video share the path of six Baha’is in finding and embracing Baha’u’llah as the Divine Messenger for today. The tour aims to celebrate Baha’u’llah’s life, message, and Cause of oneness, peace, unity, and justice.

The Treasure concert tour started off strong last month as my dudes Jose Maria, Kishan, and myself from the Treasure crew took a trip north to Flagstaff, Arizona to perform at Macy’s European Coffee House!

Macy’s European Coffee House is a Baha’i-owned business, where owner Tim Macy has hosted a regular Baha’i “fireside” nearly every Friday evening for the past 20 years. I even learned that my grandpa Ken Jeffers hosted a couple Baha’i fireside gatherings there back in the day! A fireside is simply a gathering of souls who come together to learn more about the Baha’i Faith. The firesides at Macy’s are known to be quite diverse and interactive.

To integrate our Treasure tour into the fireside program, we decided to explore the Baha’i perspective on arts and music. We started the evening by performing our song “Treasure”, an ode to the life of Baha’u’llah, Founder of the Baha’i Faith. This gave the attendees a taste of the art form of rap inspired by Baha’i concepts. We then prompted discussions based on a few Baha’i quotations and writings, such as the following:

“We have made music a ladder by which souls may ascend to the realm on high. Change it not into wings of self and passion.”

After several small and large group discussions, we then wanted to draw out the arts from the participants. We asked them to reflect on something they treasured, and then take 10 minutes to create an artistic piece inspired by their reflections. This could be a rap, spoken word poem, drawing, or anything else artistic.

Like usual, we were amazed at the participation! Once the 10 minutes was up, we opened up the floor and were stunned by the powerful artistic expressions that were shared. And they were all created in such a short burst of time!

After everyone had a chance to share their creations, we finished the evening by debuting our “Treasure” music video! We got some raving reviews!

The evening ended with socializing and hanging out at the coffee house. One of the attendees shared with us a recent visual creation she had created just a few weeks prior that was inspired by one of the Baha’i Writings that we drew from to create our Treasure track:

“Immerse yourselves in the ocean of My words, that ye may unravel its secrets, and discover all the pearls of wisdom that lie hid in its depths.”

It was a beautiful way to end a beautiful evening! Next stop: Albuquerque!

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