The Story Behind the Song

The Story Behind The Song: Nothing But Love

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STORY TIME!   So back in the early 2010’s, I discovered two of my biggest passions in life: music and youth empowerment. I started a junior youth empowerment group in the Sunnyslope neighborhood, and through the program, I have met SOOO many amazing young people in my community! My dudes Will and Brian are two […]

The Story Behind the Song: Treasure


Today around the world, Baha’is and their friends are celebrating the birthdays of The Bab and Baha’u’llah, the Twin Divine Messengers sent by God 200 years ago to guide humanity into an era of peace, unity, justice, and oneness. 🌍✌🏽⚖☀️ “So how did you become a Baha’i?” It’s a question that’s bound to give you […]

The Story Behind the Song: Oh Yaran (7 Years)

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For the music I’ve created thus far in my journey as an artist, it seems a few key themes tend to weave through my lyrics. Positivity, spirituality, raising consciousness are a few of them. Another theme, which I feel rap and hip hop are an extremely potent instrument for, is that of social justice. “Oh […]

The Story Behind the Song: Wizdome


An album is more than a mere random collection of songs. An album is the thread that weaves an assemblage of songs together into a beautiful tapestry of musical goodness. Each track harmonizes with the rest, sharing a snap shot of one overarching story. For this reason, selecting a proper album title is of the […]

The Story Behind the Song: The Movement

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Sometimes, a simple song – 4 minutes of music and words – can take years to create. “The Movement”, an upbeat, high energy song off my latest album, Wizdome, aims to inspire youth to move quickly and take action. Ironically, the song and video actually took quite a bit of time, with several lapses in […]

The Story Behind the Song: Change the World

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Let’s take things BACK TO THE BEGINNING. I guess you could say it was around my 25th birthday… 😂😂 LOL! What I mean is that it took me 25 years to become ENLIGHTENED. Enlightened to the fact that I could use the power of MUSIC to CHANGE THE WORLD. Oddly enough, it took me traveling half-way […]