EP36: The Master’s Piece (Album Review) w/ Jose’ Villanueva Jr.

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In Episode 36 of Elevated Conversations I interviewed my fellow Baha’i-inspired hip hop artist Jose’ Villanueva Jr. about his latest album “The Master’s Piece”.

Jose’ and I connected a few years back after he embraced the Baha’i Faith and was seeking out Baha’i inspired hip hop music, and discovered my content. He invited me to be featured on the closing track of his new album, which includes myself and artist, Whyy Ohh. The song is called “Fit Together”.

In the interview, we explored Jose’s journey as a Baha’i, the inspiration behind his album, his creative process as an artist, and a bunch of other elevated themes!

The album was created during a time of much spiritual growth and exploration, which can be heard and felt through the lyrics! It was an awesome interview!

To listen to “The Master’s Piece”:

Jose’ Villanueva Jr. – The Master’s Piece

To listen to “Fit Together”:

Jose’ Villanueva – Fit Together (ft. Colby Jeffers & Whyy Ohh)

To follow Jose’ Villanueva Jr. on TikTok:


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