EP35: Free (Song Review) w/ my album art designer, Luna

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In the 8th and final episode of the “Created Noble Series” of Elevated Conversations (episode 35, overall), I bring on the incredible album art designer! His name is Brian Luna (most commonly referred to as “Luna”), and he is an amazing artist and human being!

In this episode, we highlight track 8 of the Created Noble album, titled “Free”.  Free is a feel good song about inner peace and spiritual freedom and aims to bring good vibes to the soul.

It was the perfect episode to bring on Luna, as he is someone who has always given me nothing but positive, friendly, all around good vibes. Luna and I had recently reconnected, and it happened to be at a time when I was struggling to find someone to commission for the cover art of my album, so he was truly a God send!

In addition to the cover art of the album, Luna also designed the t-shirt and sticker designs!

In the interview, we discuss how Luna got into the arts, some of his artistic aspirations, what it was like designing this particular piece of art, and of course what it means to be created noble! Luna is an awesome human being, so I’m sure you’ll enjoy this interview!

The “Created Noble Series” of the Elevated Conversations podcast goes through my latest album, track by track,  bringing on guests who made a significant contribution to the project creatively or inspirationally.

You can connect with Luna on Instagram, here:

You can stream “Free and the rest of the “Created Noble” album here:

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