EP38: Life Vein (Song Review) w/ Khalil The Goat

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In Episode 38 of Elevated Conversations, I interviewed my dear friend, Khalil Roquemore, also known by his artist name, Khalil The Goat.

In August 2021, Khalil and I released an interfaith collaboration titled “Life Vein”, which is about our soul’s nearness to God.

In 50:16 of The Quran, it states: “We verily created man and We know what his soul whispereth to him, and We are nearer to him than his jugular vein.”

While in the Baha’i Writings, Bahá’u’lláh states: “This most great, this fathomless and surging Ocean is near, astonishingly near, unto you. Behold it is closer to you than your life-vein!”

Moved by these pieces of scripture, Khalil and I came together to create this song in hopes of inspiring others to tap into their connection with the Almighty.

In the interview, we explored Khalil’s journey in life, how we met, the inspiration behind the new song, and a bunch of other elevated themes!

To listen to “Life Vein”:

Khalil The Goat ft. Colby Jeffers – Life Vein

To follow Khalil on social media:

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Here’s the first time Khalil and I met! (thanks to my son Noble) 👇🏽


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  • Richard says:

    Colby & Khalil,

    I love the song and interview but I didn’t hear about where Khalil grew up or about his basketball 🏀 skills.

    Colby, I didn’t realize you created your Personal Mission Statement for music from the workshop you did for the family 10 years ago. The Personal Mission Statement I created is guiding me in my new venture B100 Daily. I think we should dust of that manual and start using it in our B100 Daily Community calls or Retreats. Love ❤️ always, Dad

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