EP8: How To Write More Inspiring Rap Lyrics

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In Episode 8, I break down my 5 tips on how to write more inspiring rap lyrics! Here is the list:

1) Find a deep sense of purpose and motivation
2) Read inspiring material connected to your song content
3) Start your writing process by brainstorming
4) Study other inspiring rappers
5) Rap about your personal experience

Action Items:
Rappers: go write a rap verse with the goal of inspiring someone

Other artists: go create something with the goal of inspiring someone

“Non” artists: go do something today with the goal of inspiring someone

Some of the artists/content referenced in today’s episode:
5 Tips for Writings More Inspiring Rap (blog post)

“Treasure” music video

“Wizdome” music video

Release The Power” – Lyric Video Series

Karim Rushdy

So what did you think of today’s podcast? How do you plan on putting these tips into practice in your own life? Let me know in the comments!

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