EP17: Freedom From Racial Prejudice w/ Edward Peace

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What is racial prejudice? And how do we free ourselves from it? In Episode 17 of Elevated Conversations, I explore these questions with my good friend, Edward Peace, host of the new program “Ramblings of a Trying Baha’i”.

This episode was actually part 2 of a conversation that unpacked some key concepts from the book “Advent of Divine Justice”, a lengthy letter written by the Guardian of the Baha’i Faith, Shoghi Effendi, written to the Baha’is of North America in 1938. Part 1 of the conversation can be found on “Ramblings of a Trying Baha’i”, which is published on YouTube and IGTV (see links below):

Ramblings of a Trying Baha’i (YouTube):

Ramblings of a Trying Baha’i (IGTV):

To read “Advent of Divine Justice”, use the following link:

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