Synergistic Flow: 10 Dope Rap Collaborations

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Synergy – “The interaction of two or more elements that when combined produce an effect that is greater than the sum of its individual elements.” We all know how excited we get when two of our favorite artists come together for a collab… It’s because of the synergistic effect that their combined creativity produces. Each individual artist on their own is awesome, but when they come together, it is a whole new level of dope!

With this spirit of synergy in mind, I’ve created a playlist of some of my favorite rap collaborations. I give you, Synergistic Flow: 10 Dope Rap Collaborations.

1) Lecrae and Andy Mineo – “Coming in Hot”

Two of my favorite artists came together in the summer of 2018 to create an absolute jam! Christian-inspired rappers Lecrae and Andy Mineo give a song that has an amazing beat, catchy chorus, and meaningful lyrics – the perfect combo! Bonus fact: this is my son Noble’s favorite song!

2) Dee-1 ft. Big K.R.I.T. & Lupe Fiasco – “Against Us (Remix)”

One of Dee-1’s biggest collaborations in his career, the remix for “Against Us” features big name artists Big K.R.I.T. and Lupe Fiasco. A song that was already amazing in its original version got a supercharged dose of dopeness when these two rappers jumped on the song. Dee-1 also decided to take it to the next level, writing a new verse for the remix that is both captivating and spiritually enlightening.

3) TobyMac, Kirk Franklin, and Mandisa – “Lose My Soul”

Christian rapper and musician, Toby Mac, teams up with singer/songwriter and gospel musician, Kirk Franklin, as well as gospel and contemporary Christian singer, Mandisa, on “Lose My Soul”. The track is such an awesome combination of different talents and styles that results in an upbeat, deeply spiritual song that will most definitely stir your soul.

4) MC Yogi and Matisyahu – “Heaven Is Here”

American rapper and yogi, MC Yogi, teams up with American Jewish reggae singer and rapper, Matisyahu for a track that will calm your mind and lift your spirit. Bringing together complimentary styles and spiritual philosophies, “Heaven Is Here” helps us understand how we can achieve heaven on earth – when we clear the mind into love. A dope song, amazing lyrics, and stunning visuals, as well!

5) Nimo ft. Swap & KB – “Ode to Women”

Inspirational hip hop artist Nimo comes together with his fellow South Asian rappers Swap and KB for a super dope collab “Ode to Women”. Offering a sorely needed and refreshing male perspective toward their female counterparts, this song is about honoring and praising the amazing women of the world!

6) Tupac ft. Elton John – “Ghetto Gospel”

Legendary rapper Tupac’s posthumuously released “Ghetto Gospel” is a soul-stirring collaboration with iconic English singer-songwriter Elton John. An unlikely combo, the song samples Elton John’s 1971 song “Indian Sunset” to create a track that highlights the struggles of the oppressed in the land called the United States of America.

7) 116 – “Man Up Anthem”

The 116 hip hop crew, featuring rappers Lecrae, KB, Trip Lee, Tedashii, Derek Minor, Andy Mineo & Sho Baraka, come together for a much needed message to the young men of the world. With so many distorted perceptions of masculinity in the media, the 116 crew provides some clarity on what it means to truly be a man.

8) Diversoul ft. Badi – “What Say What”

A classic track by a couple of my Baha’i-inspired hip hop inspirations, “What Say What” by Diversoul and Badi is a track that blends a jammin’ beat, catchy flow, and spiritually conscious lyrics – my favorite combination! 

9) Ahdi ft. Shadi and Shidan Toloui-Wallace – “When Sorrow Comes”

Another awesome Baha’i-inspired creation, Persian Baha’i rapper, Ahdi, samples Shadi and Shidan Toloui-Wallace’s touching song “When Sorrow Comes” with a new creation with the same title. One of the most amazing powers of hip hop is its ability to merge into so many different styles of music!

10) Colby Jeffers and Karim Rushdy – “Gotta Tell ‘Em”

In my contribution to the list, I had the bounty of teaming up with one of my favorite rappers in the world! Karim Rushdy, a fellow Baha’i rapper from Canada, was one of the artists that inspired me to start creating music. Gotta Tell ‘Em is a track that explores the idea of being generous with our knowledge and sharing it with humanity.

If you enjoyed “Gotta Tell ‘Em”, check out the full LIT” lyrical remix album here.

I hope you enjoyed all these dope rap collaborations! Would love to hear your thoughts in the comments section below. Which rap collaboration did you enjoy most? What are some of your favorite collabs?

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