The Story Behind The Song: Nothing But Love

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STORY TIME!   So back in the early 2010’s, I discovered two of my biggest passions in life: music and youth empowerment. I started a junior youth empowerment group in the Sunnyslope neighborhood, and through the program, I have met SOOO many amazing young people in my community!

My dudes Will and Brian are two that I have gotten closest to, and now that they have grown up into young adults, they have gone from youth I mentored to two of my closest friends.

We’ve had some amazing experiences over the years! From youth group meetings, to service projects, to hosting our own open mic event, we eventually found that we all shared a common passion in creating uplifting music.

This is what makes our new song “Nothing But Love” so special! It’s a fruit of a friendship built on love, joy, and service over many years! With the past year being so so taxing in so many ways to so many people, we share the song with the hope that it might just bring you a little joy and positivity to your spirit.

For everyone who has been enjoying the song, here is a little gift for you! You can get a free download of “Nothing But Love” by clicking here.

I hope the song leaves you feeling inspired! If it does, hit me with a comment below! 🤟🏽😊

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