EP33: S.O.S (Song Review) w/ featured artist, Ayana

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In episode 6 of the “Created Noble Series” of Elevated Conversations (episode 33, overall), I bring on the amazingly talented singer, Ayana, to discuss our soul-stirring collaboration, “S.O.S”, the 6th track of the Created Noble album.

“S.O.S”  is a song about humanity wandering in darkness searching for light. Ayana and I dive into this concept, as well as discuss her journey as an artist, how we met and created this song together, and what it means to be created noble!

It was a super fun, enlightening, elevated conversation!

You can check out a video Ayana and I created for S.O.S here:


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You can connect with Ayana and check out her music here:

The “Created Noble Series” of the Elevated Conversations podcast goes through my latest album, track by track,  bringing on guests who made a significant contribution to the project creatively or inspirationally.

You can stream “S.O.S” and the rest of the “Created Noble” album here:

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