EP32: New World (Song Review) w/ my recording engineer, Tom Whiting

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In episode 5 of the “Created Noble Series” of Elevated Conversations (episode 32, overall), we explore “New World, the 5th track of my new album, “Created Noble”.

In this interview, we bring on another VERY IMPORTANT contributor to the “Created Noble” album: the recording engineer! Tom Whiting, the founder and owner of TallCat studios here in Phoenix, Arizona, is the amazingly talented engineer who recorded all of my vocals for “Created Noble”. Tom and I have had many amazing chats over the past couple of years, so I knew I had to bring him on the podcast!

“New World”  is a song that explores the mindsets, attitudes, and systems we need to leave behind from the present society and what is needed to build the world anew.

In the interview, Tom and I explore the meaning of the song, talk about how Tom got into studio recording, unpack all that goes into creating a quality recording studio, and reflect on what is needed to build a new, better world.

You can watch the official music video for “New World ” here:

You can check out TallCat studios here:

The “Created Noble Series” of the Elevated Conversations podcast goes through my latest album, track by track,  bringing on guests who made a significant contribution to the project creatively or inspirationally.

You can stream “New World” and the rest of the “Created Noble” album here:

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