EP31: Created Noble (Song Review) w/ my son, Noble

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Episode 4 of the “Created Noble Series” of Elevated Conversations (episode 31, overall), is one for the history books! I interviewed my 4 year old son, Noble!

Being a father to Noble, my first born son, was the primary inspiration behind the Created Noble album, so I really wanted to try to bring him on for an interview for this series.

I felt episode 4 would be perfect, as the featured track is also titled “Created Noble”, and it is essentially a love song I wrote for my son

This was such a fun, interesting, insightful interview! I wasn’t sure how interviewing a 4 year old would go, but I think it turned out fantastic!

In the interview, Noble and I discuss where babies come from and how they form, what happens when we die, why some pregnancies end in miscarriage, and why my son feels that God created him. Pretty deep!

And along the way, there are plenty of hilarious little moments, as one would expect in an interview with a 4 year old. I hope it brings a smile to your face, and insight and reflection to your mind!

The “Created Noble Series” of the Elevated Conversations podcast goes through my latest album, track by track,  bringing on guests who made a significant contribution to the project creatively or inspirationally.

You can stream the “Created Noble”  song and the rest of the album here:


  • Beth Quigg says:

    OMGOSH,I Loved this! Nobies and Papa did a Great job on this interview! I laughed/got tears in my eyes & I’m Sooo Proud of Both of you.My Sweet Nobies has been Raised by Extraordinary Parents! My Daughter & My S.i.L Colby❣ Ya Done Good😘👍Love,M.i

  • Michael Quigg says:

    Noble did such a great job.. grandpa mike is so proud of you..

  • Aletha says:

    Wow, that is a really swell interview! Noble is a very interesting person, and I enjoyed getting to know both of you through your interaction with each other. Sounds like you’re having fun being a father! And the song is lovely, so heartfelt. Keep up the good work!

  • virginia dindy says:

    very sweet

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