EP30: Strive. Work. Pray. (Song Review) w/ mixing engineer, Leksai

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In episode 3 of the “Created Noble Series” of Elevated Conversations (episode 30, overall), we explore “Strive. Work. Pray.”, the 3rd track of my new album, “Created Noble”.

In this interview, we bring on a SUPER IMPORTANT contributor to the “Created Noble” album: the mixing engineer! Leksai, or BeatzbyLeksai, is an incredible mixing engineer, beat producer, drummer, and musician! More importantly, he’s an amazing human being who gives glory to God in all his work!

“Strive. Work. Pray.”  is a song that explores my daily goal of living a noble, spiritual life, so I knew Leksai would be the perfect person to interview for this episode!

In the interview, Leksai and I explore the meaning of the song, talk about how we connected for this project, unpack the process of mixing music, and discuss the importance of putting God first in all we do!

You can connect with Leksai here:

The “Created Noble Series” of the Elevated Conversations podcast goes through my latest album, track by track,  bringing on guests who made a significant contribution to the project creatively or inspirationally.

You can stream “Strive. Work. Pray.” and the rest of the “Created Noble” album here:

Lastly, here’s a fun little Instagram reel video I created inspired by “Strive. Work. Pray.”. Enjoy! 😊🙏🏽


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Thanks so much for listening! I hope you enjoyed the interview and are enjoying the “Created Noble” podcast series!

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  • Richard Jeffers’s says:

    Another great episode. I enjoyed learning a little about mixing and mastering. When I see how our grandson reacts to Strive, Work Pray I have to give Leksai a 🐝💯.

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