EP26: CANCEL.CULTURE.SHOCK (Album Review) w/ jeph.ilosopher

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In Episode 26 of Elevated Conversations I had the pleasure of interviewing Baha’i-inspired hip hop artist jeph.ilosopher about his latest album “CANCEL.CULTURE.SHOCK”.

I have followed jeph.ilosopher’s music for several years, but we only recently connected personally, and this interview was actually our first face-to-face conversation (albeit digitally)!

We explored his journey as a Baha’i, his creative process as an artist, and unpacked the inspiration behind his new album!

The new album explores the concepts of “cancel culture” and “culture shock” from a musical and lyrical level through a number of intellectually stirring songs. It was mentally and spiritually elevating to take a deeper dive into the project and jeph.ilosopher’s creative mind!

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  • shokooh sharifi says:

    The educational impact of young artist is another avenue to transform the world. That’s what I feel you and your colleges are reflecting. Thanks for what you do!!!

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