P25: Teaching During a Pandemic (w/ Ivan Enriquez)

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In Episode 25 of Elevated Conversations, I reflect on my experience teaching during the COVID-19 pandemic with my dear friend, and fellow teacher, Ivan Enriquez.

Ivan and I taught middle school this past school year at ACCLAIM Academy, a charter school in West Phoenix. Ivan was the social studies teacher, while I taught writing.

We reflect on our experience, discuss education, the period of youth, our friendship, and more!


  • Beth Quigg says:

    Opps, Sorry,Ivan Enriquez..🤦‍♀️

  • Beth Quigg says:

    I give you & Enrique Alot of credit for ALL that you’ve accomplished during the past year. You both are teaching HERO’S
    Giant Kudos!! XO

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