EP24: As One Become (Song Review) w/ Roman Orona, Ahdi, Diversoul, and Yechan

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Episode 24 of Elevated Conversations is a special one! The Baha’i-inspired artists collective “FRMWRK” recently released its debut music project, featuring 4 amazing songs!

In this interview, we have the whole crew from the song “As One Become” share the story behind the song, break down the creative process, and lots of other elevated reflections!

“As One Become” centers on an Indigenous voice, the amazing Roman Orona. Roman raps the chorus of the song, and also starts and finishes the track with words of inspiration in Apache and English.

The song also features some fire rap verses from Ahdi (who raps in Persian), Emiliano, and myself. The beat was produced by Yechan, who sampled Roman chanting as the baseline for the instrumental.

There were also a bunch of other talented people who contributed to the project (recording, mixing, mastering, album art, etc), so it was truly a collective endeavor!

There are 3 other amazing tracks on this first FRMWRK project, “Fabric”, “Where R U?”, and “Let’s Talk”.

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