EP12: New Day (Album Review) w/ Randy’d’dawn

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What type of music would a Baha’i-inspired rapper born in Tanzania create while serving at the Baha’i World Center in Haifa, Israel?

In Episode 12, I’ll answer that question as we go international to interview Baha’i-inspired rapper Randy’d’dawn about his album “New Day”.

Randy also discusses his journey as a Baha’i-inspired rapper, what draws him to create music, and the process behind his latest album, New Day.

Action Items:
Watch the “Prophets” music video:

Stream the New Day album here:

Connect with Randy’d’dawn:

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  • Omid says:

    Interesting interview with good points. I guess one of the reason Baha’i inspired music doesn’t go viral is that the spirit is still ahead of the spirit at present day. There’s not “enough negativity” to attract people’s ears and hearts and the words and concepts are still unusual to many people. Still the few who enjoy these will pass on the vibe through their own words and actions that were inspired by these songs and thus leave a mark. Also the idea that Baha’i faith won’t as such generate ego-stars should be borne in mind. Generally speaking the Baha’i faith seems to be working on much more a subtle level than other causes and religions marking it more than ever a treasure for all and not for the chosen few. Still it’d ne interesting to find out if a non Bahá’ï artist could achieve more material success and “fame” using Baha’i concepts through their own filter? Maybe something that should be thought about… Thanks and love & respect for your endeavours!

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