Comin’ In Hot – Remix Contest

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I’m comin’ in hot! Check out my remix to “Comin’ In Hot”, a new song released by two of my favorite hip hop artists, Lecrae and Andy Mineo. The song was from their “Summer Eighteen” playlist, which features several artists from Reach Records.

Andy Mineo and Lecrae both infuse a spiritually and socially conscious message into their lyrics, while providing a sonically dope sound and flow. They are producing the type of music I aspire to make at a world-class level. So when I saw they were having a contest to remix their latest track, I had to hop on it!

Here’s my remix to Comin’ In Hot!

If I’m looking for a love I’ve seen before,
I’ll be searching through the universe forever more,
The quest I’m on, would just end in vain,
Until I turn and face the Greatest Name,
I’m coming in hot,
One verse, that’s all you get,
One verse, that’s all I need,
One verse, I’ll bring my best,
One verse, That B and E,
I’m comin’ in hot!
Just look at my city,
Keep it 100,
But it feels like 150,
Making you sweat,
Check my double helix,
That’s my DNA,
Born to rise like a Phoenix,
Why’d I never seen this,
I was a believer,
Believing I mean it,
My mode was all average,
I mean that I mean it,
The veils on my soul are all up like an eclipse,
I broke out the shell, towing out the Adidas,
And all of the sneakers are sneaking away,
But you know that God never will leave us,
The goal is to free us,
And freedom is what’ll redeem us,
My soul feeling fly
Like I’m Scotty, He beaming us up, yeah
No beginning, no end,
Infinite, ay ay,
Searching out forevermore
Never quits, ay ay
All we get is one life,
Get it right, ay ay,
All I get is one verse,
Get it! Write! ay ay,
I gotta get it in ‘fore the beat stops,
You better turn to Him ‘fore your last beat,
I don’t want to miss the point like three dots…
So tell me, who do you seek?
Beat needs a drum,
Heart needs a beat,
Man needed God,
Like this verse needed me,
I’m comin’ in hot!

Original version by Lecrae and Andy Mineo:

Let me know what you think of my version by leaving a comment below!


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