10 Songs About Love For Humanity

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“Love is the only way to rescue humanity from all its ills.” – Leo Tolstoy

Love is a word with a profoundly deep meaning. In our everyday life, we use the word love in many different ways. From “I love my family” to “I love road trips” to “I love pizza”, we love to use the word love! It can indicate a feeling or it can be an action we take. It can be an attraction to someone or something or it can be used to describe a sense of brotherhood to those you are close to. But there is one type of love that transcends all of these: universal love for humanity.

Sometimes referred to as “agape” love, universal love is the all powerful force that binds together the universe. It is the love of God for humanity, the love of humans for our Creator, and the love that should permeate our souls for the rest of the human race and creation. It is powerful indeed!

To help you tap into the power of universal love, enjoy this heart inspiring playlist, 10 Songs About Love for Humanity.

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1) W.ill, Brian., and Colby Jeffers – “Nothing But Love”

Starting things off with my personal contribution to the list, “Nothing But Love” is a collaboration between myself and the young, up-and-coming rappers W.ill and Brian. The song is an ode to the power of universal love to transform individuals, communities, and the world into a better place!

2) Andy Grammer ft. LunchMoney Lewis – “Give Love”

Singer / songwriter Andy Grammer, teams up with rapper LunchMoney Lewis for a song that inspires us to be generous with the love we possess in our hearts. A deeply touching song, Grammer shares the advice his late mother gave him about this powerful word: “‘Before I go, there is one thing you should know’, I give love to all of my people, all of my people need love, I give some.”

3) Dee-1 ft. Sevyn Streeter – “Love Always Wins”

New Orleans rapper, Dee-1 collaborates with singer/songwriter Sevyn Streeter to tap into the ability of love to help us overcome pain and struggle. Despite the challenges we face, Dee-1 reminds us that our Creator will always help us through it. “God, you been my rock, my savior, and my friend and, you taught me the ultimate law: Love always wins”.

4) Andy Mineo – “Love”

New York City hip hop artist and producer, Andy Mineo gives us a deep exploration into “love” as a word and concept in his song “Love”. Seeking to display the depth of the power of love, Mineo raps directly to the word, “you’re more than just a feelin’, you’re more like a action, more like a decision, you listen even when somebody think different.”

5) Nimo – “Keep Loving”

Empty Hands Music founder, Nimo, gives us an anthem of loving humanity with “Keep Loving”. Reminding us of the oneness of humanity, Nimo calls on us to look past our differences and to keep loving. “It’ll change your heart, it’ll change your mind, and then you’ll start to change your eyes.”

6) Tedashi ft. Sarah Reeves – “Step Into Love”

Christian hip hop artist and 116 clique member Tedashii teams up with Christian pop artist Sarah Reeves in a beautiful song that gives us another perspective on the power of universal love. Directing us to “step into love”, the song reminds us that love is not only a feeling and action, but is also an environment we can enter and gain nourishment for our soul to get inspired and take action.

7) Nabil and Karim – “Let Your Heart”

Baha’i-inspired hip hop group Nabil and Karim put together a soul-inspiring jam using one of my favorite quotes from the Baha’i Writings. A quote that inspires that universal love for humanity: “Let your heart burn with loving kindness for all who may cross your path.”

8) JAM NOW – “Universal Love”

In his song “Universal Love”, Phoenix-based acoustic singer/songwriter JAM NOW calls on each of us to “open your mind and heal this world” because “universal love is what it’s all about”. Highlighting the beautiful scenery of Amitabha Stupa amidst the red mountains of Sedona, the music video also shows that universal love extends beyond humanity to all of creation.

9) MC Yogi – “Only Love Is Real”

Rapper and yogi, MC yogi helps us to see past the illusion of division with his mantra of a song “Only Love Is Real”. Seeing love as the magnetic force that holds everything together, MC Yogi asks us to look beyond the surface, rapping, “it seems separate, but look a little deeper, we’re connected”.

10) The Black Eyed Peas – “Where Is The Love?”

In the most popular song of this list, The Black Eyed Peas ask a fundamental question to humanity in their song: “Where Is The Love?” Knowing that all humans have the potential to show forth love, it is perplexing to look at the state of the world and see all of the problems that exist. This important question helps us to see that if we truly want to heal the world, we must more deeply tap into the power of love.

Are you ready to go show some love to humanity? I hope this playlist help you feel a little more love in your heart!

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