10 Songs About Humility and Being Humble

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In a society that encourages and rewards competition, self-gratification, and narcissism, it can be a rare occurrence to come across someone with true humility. This is especially true in today’s popular music. However, it is my belief that to have a humble posture of humility is actually more praiseworthy than to be someone who boasts with self-confidence.

It is for this reason that I personally strive to remain humble, as well as seek out other artists that clearly value the virtue of humility. With that, I give you my latest playlist, “How To Be Humble: 10 Songs About Humility”.

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1) 116 – “Authority”

We start off with hip hop crew 116’s song “Authority”, which helps us understand that to possess true humility, we need to understand our position as human beings in relation to the Divine Being that created us. As 116 emphasizes, artists have an especially important role in this matter, as their posture influences the posture of many. As they state in their song, “Who I follow’s who they follow when they follow me. A real man bows down to authority.”

2) Lecrae – “Get Low”

There is a definitely a trend in this list, being that all the artists have some sort of deep, purposeful spiritual practice. With “Get Low”, Christian-inspired rapper Lecrae (also one of the members of the 116 clique) opens the song with the lyrics “humility, humility, get low boy, get low girl”, so we know it’s a song about being humble. Give the song a listen to hear his spiritual reflection on how to practice humility.

3) Lecrae ft. Ty Dolla $ign – “Blessings”

In this third track, we get another take on the concept of humility by Lecrae, along with mainstream rapper Ty Dolla $ign. “Blessings” explores the type of posture one should have when they are blessed with material success in this world. As Lecrae states, “Won’t take that credit, I know where we get it, Them blessings be comin’ from God above”. 

4) Lecrae ft. Andy Mineo – “Background”

In an industry that pushes artists to be the center of attention, Christian-inspired hip hop artists Lecrae and Andy Mineo illuminate who we should give the glory to. As Mineo sings in the chorus, “I could play the background, background, And you could take the lead…”

5) Andy Mineo – “Paganini”

Known for his incredibly gifted flow and lyrical ability, it would be easy for Andy Mineo to boast about his rap skills. In his track “Paganini”, inspired by 18th century Italian violinist, Niccolò Paganini, Mineo explores how one can show off one’s creative abilities, while at the same time remaining humble. The answer? Making sure to the direct the credit to the Creator who blessed him with those talents.

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6) Andy Grammer ft. Andy Mineo and Swoope – “Spotlight”

Andy Mineo teams up on another track that explores humility called “Spotlight”, with fellow spiritually-conscious artists, Swoope and Andy Grammer. In the song, they explore how alluring and addictive being in the spotlight can be for an artist, becoming almost prisonlike. As Swoope raps in his verse, “the prison I sit in is built outta bars I spit”.

7) Dee-1 – “People Don’t Want That Real”

Another trap that is easy to fall into in this society is that of self-righteousness. There are so many problems in the world, it isn’t hard to call them out. But the problem is when people call out the faults of others without examining their own faults. In his song “People Don’t Want That Real”, rapper Dee-1 has the humility to recognize he too struggles with some of the challenges of our society, stating “People don’t want that real, they just say that they do, nah, people don’t want that real, and I’m one of ’em too”.

8) for King & Country – “Fix My Eyes”

Australian Christian pop duo for King & Country continue the theme on humility with their track “Fix My Eyes”. Counseling us to fix our eyes on God and His spiritual teachings, for King & Country reminds us that “It takes a soldier who knows his orders to walk the walk I’m supposed to walk.”

9) Diversoul ft. Colby Jeffers – “Lookbook”

In my first contribution to the list, I had the honor of being featured on a track with Diversoul, one of my Baha’i-inspired hip hop inspirations. In our song “Lookbook” we explore the concept of humility in both words and deeds, as the chorus states, “That’s all they say, look at me, follow me. Let’s flip the script, selfish ‘gone trip, humble as can, say be as I am”.

10) Colby Jeffers – “Don’t Look At Me”

In my song “Don’t Look At Me” I battle the struggle of desiring the attention and admiration of others, while also understanding my many faults and imperfections. The track was inspired by a quote from the Baha’i Writings that states, Humanity is not perfect. There are imperfections in every human being, and you will always become unhappy if you look toward the people themselves.” The song is a lyrical remix of Chris Brown’s song “Look At Me Now”.

I hope you found this playlist spiritually uplifting and insightful!

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