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‘Created Noble’ is my 5th Baha’i-inspired, spiritually focused hip hop album, named after my first born son, Noble. The album focuses on nobility, fatherhood, and contributing to the betterment of the world.

Track 2 – “NBA” 🏀

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✍🏼 Song Inspiration ✍🏼

Below is a quote from the Baha’i Writings that inspired this song:

“O Son of Spirit! Noble have I created thee, yet thou hast abased thyself. Rise then unto that for which thou wast created.”

✍🏼 The Lyrics ✍🏼

[Verse 1]
When I was a little itty bitty boy, had a dream,
Make it to the NBA, Phoenix Suns, that’s my team,
But the sun I was meant to chase had a different beam,
Sun of Truth, still rising like a Phoenix, that’s my destiny,
Lowly passions of the world, feeling foul, that’s a hack,
When I’m tempted, call me John Stockton, I think I’ll pass,
Everybody’s bound to hit a wall, that’s a brick,
My soul’s safety net is God, go to Him, swish,
O Son of Spirit, He’s telling me,
O Son of Spirit, Noble have I created thee,
Let your spirit rise, no time to be abased,
Welcome to the NBA, Noble Being Always Ayyy!

Noble Being Always Ayyy!
Noble Being Always Ayyy!
Made it to the NBA!
Noble Being Always Ayyy!

[Verse 2]
Let my soul guide the way, that’s my resolution,
Bad habits hit the bench, that’s a substitution,
When I need a break, call a timeout,
Meditate, pray to God to assist, dimes,
How can I be a warrior,
Mold me into purest form, like I’m Klay,
Shower confirmations on me, make it rain,
Steph Curry, just like him, learning from my Father’s ways,
Hit this 3 pointer, Noble Being Always Ayyy!

Noble Being Always Ayyy!
Noble Being Always Ayyy!
Made it to the NBA!
Noble Being Always Ayyy!

[Verse 3]
You can call me Wilt, I keep it 100,
Walk this path of service like a Butler, Jimmy Buckets!
Pray to God everyday, that’s the baseline,
Keeps my soul from going out of bounds, this aint playtime,
Used to focus on myself, then I hit the crossover,
Found the Answer, it’s a Hardaway, but I power forward,
Like I’m Tim Duncan, this is fundamentals,
…Art is worship, when I’m rapping, I am in the temple!
I got hooked, just like Magic!
Let my ego Parish, flying like a Bird, Boston Celtics,
I praise God, when I’m in the booth,
Spittin’ Paul Pierce, that’s the Truth!

Noble Being Always Ayyy!
Noble Being Always Ayyy!
Made it to the NBA!
Noble Being Always Ayyy!

📖 The Story 📖

The track “NBA” combines two of my biggest passions in life: basketball and spirituality! Ever since I was a child, I loved the sport of basketball. It’s definitely been my favorite sport throughout my life (football was a close second when I was younger), and it’s also the sport I’ve put the most practice and work into. I would venture to say that I’m an above average hooper with a decent dribble and drive game, and a lethal 3 point shot! 🏀

Not only do I love playing basketball, I also love watching it, especially at the professional level (NBA aka National Basketball Association). I am a huge Phoenix Suns fan! I used to also be obsessed with basketball video games (NBA 2K is my all time favorite game!). So through all of that, I’ve come to learn quite a bit about the sport! 😂


A deep knowledge of a specific topic comes in very handy when you want to dive into the world of metaphor! In “NBA”, I used the metaphor of basketball to explore my pursuit of living a spiritually focused life – a life of nobility! I transformed National Basketball Association to Noble Being Always! And for those that are familiar with basketball terminology, this song is PACKED with metaphors, word play, and similes!

A couple of fun facts: the opening sound bite is of NBA commissioner Adam Silver announcing the Phoenix Suns pick in the 2018 NBA draft (the only year the Suns had the first pick in the draft!). The song instrumental samples the “NBA on NBC” theme song, which brings me back to my childhood when major NBA basketball games were aired on NBC.

And then of course MOST IMPORTANTLY, the song was inspired by my son Noble, as being a father has been the single most soul-purifying experience I’ve had as a human yet. It’s my biggest inspiration to strive to live a noble life!

🎁 Bonus Content 🎁

“NBA” is a song I’d written a few years ago, so I’ve actually had the chance to perform the song live a few times. Here is a snippet of me performing “NBA” at the “Release The Power” Release Concert! Check out sweet little Noble rockin’ out with me! 🎤🧡

Clip of “NBA” Live Performance

Also, back in 2019, I launched the “Elevated Conversations” podcast” in order to discuss important social and spiritual issues that I was passionate about. Not surprisingly, basketball not only found it’s way into the program, it was the main focus of the first 3 episodes! I examined the overlap of basketball, spirituality, virtues, and the Baha’i Faith!🎙️

You can listen to the basketball-themed Elevated Conversations podcast episodes below:

Another interesting fact about me is that I was into video production and editing before I got into music! In fact, I started creating YouTube videos in the early days of the platform! Below you can check out a couple of my basketball-themed, early creations when I was just out of high school! First, is a highlight reel video of the 2007 Phoenix Suns basketball team (during the Steve Nash era). And second, is a video of some friends and I playing the game “Posterized”, where we would try to dunk the basketball on each other in my parent’s back yard. 🤣

Wach my 2007 Phoenix Suns Tribute Video

Watch my friends and I playing “Posterized”

🤔 Noble Reflection & Discussion 💬

👑 ➡️ What does it mean to you to be a NOBLE human being?

I would truly LOVE to hear from you! Please take a moment to share your thoughts below! 👇🏽


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