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‘Created Noble’ is my 5th Baha’i-inspired, spiritually focused hip hop album, named after my first born son, Noble. The album focuses on nobility, fatherhood, and contributing to the betterment of the world.

Track 1 – “You Are” ❤️

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✍🏼 Song Inspiration ✍🏼

Below is a quote from the Baha’i Writings that inspired this song:

“…husband and wife should be united both physically and spiritually, that they may ever improve the spiritual life of each other, and may enjoy everlasting unity throughout all the worlds of God. This is Bahá’í marriage.”

✍🏼 The Lyrics ✍🏼

*Sound of Noble’s heartbeat*
Mallory: “Awww… so sweet…”

[Verse 1]
At the time, I wasn’t even looking for love,
All the times before left my heart feeling rough,
Each time I would self destruct,
But this time got a little help from above, hey
First time we met, you caught my eye,
But the spark didn’t catch, I won’t lie,
Just friends for a while,
Til that one night, you agreed to be my Valentine,
Started digging underneath the surface,
Our seed of love germinated in the soil of service,
Conversations started getting deeper,
Talking God, religion, and the spirit,
I shoulda know you were a keeper,
But then I got cold feet,
Wasn’t ready to commit,
So I started to retreat,
I was acting like a fool,
Staying busy trying to fight my fate,
You told my aunt that I was worth the wait, dang,
So I, pulled it together, got back on track,
I thank God that you took me back,
Then we walked the path,
Study circles pondering the Word of God,
Your heart was pure, embraced Baha’u’llah,
As you caught the flame, I was reignited,
‘til then, just a Baha’i in name,
You brought me back to my destiny,
And for that I owe you eternally,
We stayed serving, praying and meditating,
Sailing through the ups and downs,
Persevering through the tests,
Bending but never breaking,
Told me you were ready to tie the knot,
But I wasn’t and then I received a sign from God,
To give me the courage that I needed,
I finally heeded, got our parents blessings,
Got the ring, popped the question,
You couldn’t believe it, I couldn’t believe it,
The search for my soul mate completed,

You are the one for me, The only one I need, You are my everything,
This love was meant to be, Heaven sent for me, Hey, hey

[Verse 2]
I loved you before we even met,
I love you even though we never met,
Me and your mom were ready to take the next step,
After we agreed thought we’d be set,
But life doesn’t always work that way,
Sometimes God decides He’s gonna test your faith,
Month after month passed, waiting on the good news,
But it didn’t come, feeling bummed,
You were still in queue,
What your mom was going through took a toll on my heart,
But I always knew you were gonna come from the start,
Then we took a trip to a special place,
7000 miles away, pilgrimage to the Qiblih,
Praying for direction at that Holy Spot,
As we bowed our heads and our spirits to Baha’u’llah,
Calling on Him, and The Bab, and Abdul Baha,
All the Holy Family to bless us with a family,
Couple months passed, still patiently waiting,
It’d been a year since we started trying,
I could feel the hope fading,
And then one night your mom woke up in pain,
Took her to the ER, what were heard was insane,
The doctors said your mom was pregnant,
You were still microscopic,
Then they told us you were also ectopic,
Went from joy to grief, your life on earth so brief,
Felt like fate stole you like a thief,
Had to learn contentment with God’s Will,
It was a tough pill, but I know you’re in a better place,
We had to separate, but I know I’ll see your face one day,
And I know that you helped open the way,
For your baby brother, so I’m still feeling blessed,
Hope I’m up for the test, you know I love you both,
Two sons, one love, looking out for one in this world,
With an angel up in the next,

You are the one for me, The only one I need, You are my everything,
This love was meant to be, Heaven sent for me, Hey, hey

[Verse 3]
I was created to know Thee, worship Thee, love Thee,
It’s a lovely vision, wasn’t always 20/20 I was lacking precision,
To the guidance that You had given, now I humbly listen,
I know I’m programmed to love, not a myth,
Didn’t always love the right things, I plead the fifth,
Going forth in my life, looking with my third eye, on a search,
Giving every second up to God to put Him first,
And let the rest just fall into place,
But it’s hard to make my deeds match my words, so many things to chase,
Even when I mess up, wholly deprived of Your grace,
And it’s hard to fess up, utterly powerless to praise,
Through your bounty my hope is restored,
You have never left my side, always there to be my Guide,
Give my heart to you forevermore,
The only reason that I have a chance to love Thee, is that You love me, U R,

You are the one for me, The only one I need, You are my everything,
This love was meant to be, Heaven sent for me, Hey, hey

📖 The Story 📖

As you can tell, “You Are” is a VERY special song for me! It is a story of LOVE! My love for my wife, Mallory, my son, Noble, and my love for God. The first verse walks through the journey from the day I met Mallory to the day that I proposed to her in marriage. It was filled with spiritual conversations, service to humanity, and lots of important tests to strengthen our love! ❤️

The 2nd verse shares my story of becoming a father. As the lyrics share, it was not easy for Mallory and I to conceive our first child, however, it was the cause of much spiritual growth. Sadly, the first pregnancy we experienced ended in a miscarriage. However, we believe that soul (who we’ve given the name Jonathon), has a special place in heaven, and helped guide the process of eventually conceiving our first born son, Noble. 👶🏼

The 3rd verse shares my story of developing a love for God. While I had some struggles in my youth truly connecting with God, it the Creator’s overpowering grace, patience, and mercy that have allowed me to receive God’s love more openly and feel more fully connected today. 🙌🏽

This song was written while Mallory was pregnant with Noble, and I shared the song with her the day Noble was born, November 3rd, 2017. Now, 4 years later, it’s finally ready to be shared with the world! In that time our family has also grown! We now have two beautiful boys, Noble and Justice, and two precious angel children that did not get to make it into this world, Jonathon and August ❤️❤️💙💙.

🎁 Bonus Content 🎁

One thing I love about Mallory (and I hope she loves about me…😊) is our shared CREATIVITY! We both love to be creative in a variety of ways. It brings us alive! Something unique we created together for our wedding was an introduction video to our relationship! I wanted my friends and family to get to know Mallory better, and vice versa, so we put together a video that was played directly before Mallory walked down the aisle. I felt it beautifully encapsulated our relationship’s combination of joy, purposefulness, and humor!

You can watch “The Story of Colby and Mallory” below:

A funny story about the origins of the song “You Are”. On my debut solo album, “Wizdome”, I included a love song. HOWEVER, it was an ode to Mother Earth. The song is titled “Hey Mama”, and is cleverly written in a way where it seems to be about a woman, but then is revealed at the end of the first verse to be about our planet. I thought it was quite creative, and excitedly shared it with Mallory after I had written it. She is very environmentally conscious, so I was convinced she’d enjoy it!

As I recited the words, she was drawn in, however, when I hit the punch line, “this awesome woman I’m referring to… her name is planet Earth!”, Mallory seemed a little let down. “That’s clever, but when are you going to write a love song about me?!” was her reply. 🤣. At that point, I vowed to write Mallory a love song! It only took me 3 albums later, but I finally was able to make it happen!

You can listen to the song “Hey Mama” below:

AND, another interesting fact is that before I wrote a love song for Mallory, SHE WROTE ONE FOR ME! In what has probably been the most sweetest and emotionally moving gift she has ever given me, Mallory wrote AND PERFORMED a love rap for me for my birthday several years ago. I was nearly moved to tears! 😭❤️.

It happened to be at the time that I had purchased a microphone to practice recording my raps at home, and so Mallory allowed me to record her rapping the song, so now I have it saved as a beautiful memento of our love!

You can listen Mallory’s love song for me “Tweet Tweet” below:

🤔 Noble Reflection & Discussion 💬

👑 ➡️ Who is someone in your life that has made you MORE noble? How and why?

I would truly LOVE to hear from you! Please take a moment to share your thoughts below! 👇🏽


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