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The ‘LIT’ Album Experience

LIT is a ‘lyrical remix’ album where I take mainstream pop and hip hop songs that have an amazing sound and style (but leave a lot to be desired in terms of lyrical content), and I infuse them with my own original, spiritually-conscious lyrics.

Day 7 – “The Bottom”

Vlog #7

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The Original Song

Drake – “Started From The Bottom”
***Warning Explicit Content***

Song Facts:
Release Date: 2/1/2013
Billboard Hot 100 Chart Peak: 6th
U.S. Record Sales: 5 million+
YouTube Streams: 411 million+

My Lyrical Remix – “The Bottom”

The Lyrics

The world is a scary place. With each passing day, the grim clouds of darkness and destruction grow ever stronger. Violence, famine, and poverty ravage the downtrodden, leaving their helpless victims crippled, while a callous and apathetic humanity watches the horror unfold…

Let me tell you what I see, I’m in a strange land, place looks like a horror scene,
You can call it third world, I just saw a little girl watch her brother blown to smithereens,
Every kid packin heat, holding semi-automatics little homies barely in their teens,
Now I’m walking down the street, kids dying of starvation man that look of hunger’s killing me,
Then I open up a door, walk into a room and all I see are prostitutes,
In the corner is a toy, shock on my face at the sight of little boy,
I can’t take it anymore, rush back outside can’t fathom what the pain is for,
Then I bump into a man, look down at his shirt part white part crimson red,
He was wet to the touch, feeling sick to my stomach realized he was soaked in blood,
But he didn’t bat an eye, confusion in my mind, next sight had me horrified,
As I walk into the square, middle of the town dead bodies lying everywhere,
What the hell is going on, I’m about to pass out, but I’m trying to remain calm,
I’m about to pass out, but I’m trying to remain calm,
I’m about to pass out, but I’m trying to remain calm,
Then it hit me like a train, must be going out my mind or my brain got me seeing things,
So I start to take it back, I rewind to the start and I give that scene a second pass,
Little sister in her living room, saw her brother take the blast then the speakers made a big boom,
Battleground was on a color screen, kids are pulling triggers but the guns are on the TV,
Sit at school waiting for that bell to ring, 6th graders running home headed straight to the warzone,
That’s when I see the poverty, kids starving for attention but their parents playing absentee,
Stomachs big plenty food to eat, that look of hunger on their face was being caused by a different need,
They aint getting any love, and there aint no one to guide them, they keep saying their too busy,
So the kids are fending for themselves, that little boy in the room kissed his innocence farewell,
Even though he was all alone, pure soul getting poisoned by them X-rated videos,
Now I’m back to the bloody T, homie bought it on sale, blind to the other side of retail,
Business operating in the red, even though they making profit, guess the devil’s in the details,
Return to the square, bodies look alive, so I take a closer look, what I saw got me shook,
People shopping, yeah their pockets plenty large,
But they’re dead to the spirit, no love in their hearts,
We say we’re number one, but we’re really on the bottom,
Didn’t notice that we’d fallen (didn’t notice that we’d fallen)
Acting like we’re on the top, man we putting on a show but we can’t escape the problems

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Elevated Conversation

Based on today’s lyrical remix, here are some questions for reflection:

1) What do you see as some of the BIGGEST ISSUES plaguing our society?
2) How can we assist FUTURE GENERATIONS to overcome these issues?

Creating this lyrical remix was a very stimulating exercise, as it allowed me to juxtapose the issues plaguing my society with other parts of the world. I’m curious to see if this is something you all have done before, and if so, what types of issues have you observed? Leave a comment below!👇🏽


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