Release The Power – The Album

‘Release The Power’ is a youth-collaboration hip hop album inspired by the Writings of the Baha’i Faith and various concepts included in Book 5 of the Ruhi Institute (‘Releasing The Powers of Junior Youth’). The album features three inspiring youth: Brian aka Brenn; Ally aka Xandra Black; and Tony aka Reflectionz; as well as myself, Colby Jeffers.

Track 1 – “Butterfly”

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✍ The Lyrics ✍

Kid growing up with everything, not worth anything
Everyone saying he’s not so successful so he took it another level,
Then he looked and he sought and he bought into the bad habits in the wrong habitat,
Soon ended on the wrong path and he splat down looking all around,
Even had a breakdown not knowing he’d soon be heaven bound, uh,
Trying to keep his family, trying to keep his sanity,
Not giving into vanity,
Needed some friends to get away from the mess,
‘Bout to fall from a cliff so he needed a lift (he needed a lift),
They grabbed his hand and said,
Hey! This is the day,
The day of change,
The day where you’ll never feel that pain inside you,
Go ahead and follow us and we’ll guide you right through,

[Chorus – Xandra Black]
Bestow a pair of heavenly wings unto each of these fledglings,
That they may wing their flight,
May soar to the heights of the Abha Kingdom,
May soar to the heights of the Abha Kingdom,
Yeah, ooooo

Ay, ay,
I was born in darkness,
Hit the light switch,
So many roads, which should I pick?
Life changes right quick, ‘member back when,
I was a 12 year old kid, moved to canyon springs,
I met this kid, dang he’s mean,
I know deep down he’s compassionate, but imagine this,
All these paths connect, from the first time we met,
We would hang out everyday summer break, it was the best,
But then I left, 2 years pass, similar interest brought it back,
He came up to me at a live event randomly, “do you remember me?”
Right around that time I moved to Sunnyslope,
I got introduced to an older youth,
He slowly showed me a new way of life,
I can’t lie, I was scared to change, but I’m glad I came to group,
It helped me find my path,
Matter fact where he at?

[Chorus – Xandra Black]
Bestow a pair of heavenly wings unto each of these fledglings,
That they may wing their flight,
May soar to the heights of the Abha Kingdom,
May soar to the heights of the Abha Kingdom,
Yeah, ooooo

Came on the scene 2012, desired to help,
Realized if not me, then who else,
Was gonna do the work, next generation waiting,
Saw that I was the clerk, shifty forces that they’re facing, berserk,
My time to clock in, hit the bricks pound the pavement,
Did some outreach, the result, my amazement,
God speaking out from the clouds, confirmations,
He was in control, guess that’s why they call it reigning,
They were seeds, grounded in pure deeds,
Sprouted, the Word of God feeding as they read, gleaning knowledge,
Acting like the water of life,
Love was the light as they grew, reaching for new heights,
Growing from saplings to trees, as their roots grow deep,
And these youth learn to serve, now it’s fruit I see,
Service changed my life,
What if I never found the path?
Man I wonder, ooo, look a little butterfly,

🙏 Spiritual Inspiration 🙏

One of the first concepts we explored during our study was the period youth, and what young people should aspire to become. During this exploration, we studied the prayer for youth from the Baha’i Writings, shared below. Our group was drawn to the concept of developing our wings and “taking flight”, and decided to write a song that shared how all of our experiences as youth striving to serve and take flight overlapped. “Butterfly” was the result.

Thou kind Lord!  Graciously bestow a pair of heavenly wings unto each of these fledglings, and give them spiritual power that they may wing their flight through this limitless space and may soar to the heights of the Abhá Kingdom.

O Lord!  Strengthen these fragile seedlings that each one may become a fruitful tree, verdant and flourishing.  Render these souls victorious through the potency of Thy celestial hosts, that they may be able to crush the forces of error and ignorance and to unfurl the standard of fellowship and guidance amidst the people; that they may, even as the reviving breaths of the spring, refresh and quicken the trees of human souls and like unto vernal showers make the meads of that region green and fertile.

Thou art the Mighty and the Powerful; Thou art the Bestower and the All-Loving.”

`Abdu’l-Bahá (Ruhi Institute Book 5, Unit 1, Section 4)

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Performing “Butterfly” at the Release The Power album debut at the Phoenix Baha’i Center

🎥 An Interview with Brenn 🎥

Brenn breaks down his thoughts on the Release The Power album, his favorite parts of the process, as well as his experience in the Junior Youth Spiritual Empowerment Program!

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 📃 Song Credits 📃

Beat: DJ Sabzi  | Album ArtAbahjugil
Mixing Engineer: Karim Rushdy  |  Mastering Engineer: Jeff Caverly