The ‘RELEASE THE POWER’ Album Experience

a youth-collaboration album by Colby Jeffers

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What is the ‘Release The Power’ Album?

This group of youth got together for a summer spiritual-empowerment training through the Ruhi Institute to learn how they could become positive mentors and role models for the younger generations.

Through our study of the concepts and quotations from the Baha’i Writings, we became inspired. Inspired to create. Inspired to create music that would uplift and empower the youth of the world!

Moved by the hip hop beats of DJ Sabzi, an incredible flow of melodies and lyrics rushed forth from our souls. By the end of the training, we had crafted 5 powerful songs. Songs about LOVE, FRIENDSHIP, UNITY, and SPIRITUALITY!

The quality and potency of the songs was undeniable. We felt compelled to compile them into an album and share it with the world. The result: RELEASE THE POWER!

And now we want YOU to have the album. But we want to give you more than that. Because this album was such a deep and profound experience for all of us, we want you to share in that experience.

Along with the album, we’ll be sending you all the song lyrics, the inspiration behind each song, performance videos, AND bonus interviews! We want you to truly EXPERIENCE this album! i

The Artists


“I hope this album releases the spiritual powers of love and unity within you, and inspires you to be a better human being!”


“This album is going to unlock a new sense of life and confirmation within each person who listens! Release the power!”


“Being my first music project, I’m so proud of how this album turned out. It has been a beautiful experience!”


“This album is so deep! The music sounds great, but what I love most is the deeper meaning behind every song…”


“This is really good, inspiring music…”

– Vanessa Ruiz, 12 News Phoenix

“Colby’s music offers a glimpse into the transformative power of the word of God.”

– 9 Star Media

“Colby’s music is awesome!”

Baha’i Blog

About Me

I am a rapper from Phoenix, Arizona with a passion for music, education, community building, youth empowerment, and positive social change. My mission in music is to create socially conscious and spiritually focused hip hop that uplifts, educates, and inspires.

I’m a member of the Baha’i Faith, which deeply inspires my music and lyrics. Themes such as unity, oneness, justice, and nobility are rooted in my spirituality. I have a deep devotion to serving humankind, which motivates me to always provide a message that animates and empowers the listener.

Creatively, I would describe myself as a rapper, emcee, lyricist, songwriter, performer, film producer, podcaster, entrepreneur, marketer, public speaker, educator, mentor, and positive change agent.

“We have made music a ladder by which souls may ascend to the realm on high…” 

– Baha’i Writings