Pre-Order ‘Be Happy’ CD & T-Shirt!

‘Be Happy’ is my latest inspirational hip hop album centered on the themes of joy and happiness!

On this page, you can pre-order a ‘Be Happy’ CD and/or T-Shirt!

“Be Happy” T-Shirt

Pre-order a ‘Be Happy’ t-shirt!

T-shirts can be pre-ordered in the following sizes:

Adult – Small, Medium, Large, XL, 2XL, 3XL

Child – Small (age 5-7), Medium (age 8-9), Large (age 10-12), XL (age 13-15)

Toddler – 2T, 3T, 4T

**After placing your pre-order, you’ll be sent a survey link to input what size(s) you would like**

‘Be Happy’ t-shirt – $25

‘Be Happy’ t-shirt Double Pack – $50 $45

‘Be Happy’ t-shirt Family Pack (5 t-shirts) – $125 $100

‘Be Happy’ t-shirt Friend Pack (10 t-shirts)$250 $150

“Be Happy” CD

Pre-order a ‘Be Happy’ CD, double pack (2 CD’s), family pack (5 CD’s), or friend pack (10 CD’s) below!

‘Be Happy’ CD – $15

‘Be Happy’ Double Pack (2 CD’s) – $30 $25

‘Be Happy’ Family Pack (5 CD’s) – $75 $50

‘Be Happy’ Friend Pack (10 CD’s) – $150 $75