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Kickstarter fam! Please see the ‘Thank You Video’ and your Kickstarter reward for “Release The Power” below!


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1) Release The Power Album (MP3s)

2) Album Art

3) Lyric Booklet

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ALSO, if your reward also came with a physical CD, it will be coming in the mail shortly!

TWO MORE important things before you leave the page:

1) Come to the ‘Release The Power’ album debut live event!

The album debut will be on Friday, May 17th @ 6:30 PM @ the Phoenix Baha’i Center!

If you live in Phoenix, please come out and support the event! Brian, Tony, and Ally will all be there, and it’ll be our FIRST time performing all the tracks live (and Tony and Ally’s first time performing live), so I’m so excited for the event! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE come and support!

Tickets are $10 for adults, $5 for youth, and free for kids :). Here’s the link to get tickets:


If you don’t live in Phoenix, but would like to schedule a concert or rap workshop, please reach out to me at colbyjeffersmusic@gmail.com or 602-373-8698 and we can set something up!

2) Help me boost my Spotify artist profile!

You can “pre-save” Release The Power on Spotify so that you receive a notification the moment it’s available for streaming on May 17th!

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You can “pre-save” the album here: https://show.co/GD6cFmT

Thanks again for being so generous and sacrificing your financial resources so that I could create this album! This music would not be possible without you and your support. I sincerely appreciate it!!!

Looking forward to the next steps on this creative journey, and I’m grateful to have you backing me up along the way!

Much love ❤,

– Colby