Kickstarter Reward Access Page

Thanks for being a Kickstarter supporter and helping to fund my new “Be Happy” album! On this page, you’ll get early access to each song before it’s released publicly, along with some other special bonus goodies! I’ll be sure to let you know each time the page is updated! 😊🙏🏽

SONG RELEASE #2 – “Springtime”

“Springtime” is a fresh, spiritually-rejuvinating hip hop collab celebrating the spring season, featuring lyrically-potent rapper, Diversoul.

Enjoy EARLY ACCESS to “Springtime” below (stream and/or MP3 download). The song drops publicly on March 20th, 2023! 🌱🙏🏽🎵

⬇️ Springtime – MP3 Download ⬇️

Bonus Content:

Diversoul is actually a close friend of mine and fellow resident of Phoenix, Arizona. He was one of the first Baha’i-inspired rappers I listened to, and played an important role in inspiring and encouraging me to create my own Baha’i inspired music!

A few years back, I had the honor of being featured on Diversoul’s song “Look Book”. You can listen here 👉🏽 Diversoul – Look Book (ft. Colby Jeffers)

I’ve also had Diversoul on my “Elevated Conversations” podcast multiple times to discuss a couple of his musical projects.

EPISODE 11: The 7 Cities (album review) w/ Emiliano “Diversoul” Morondos

EPISODE 18: Baseline Flowers (album review) w/ Emiliano “Diversoul” Morondos

EPISODE 24″ As One Become (song review) w/ Roman Orona, Ahdi, Diversoul, and Yechan

SONG RELEASE #1 – “Bringers of Joy”

“Bringers of Joy” is a vibey, soul-filled collaboration featuring the amazingly talented, Ayana Butterfly!

Enjoy access to “Bringers of Joy” below (stream and/or MP3 download). The song dropped publicly on February 26th, 2023! 😊🙏🏽🎁

⬇️ Bringers of Joy – MP3 Download ⬇️

Bonus Content:

This is the 2nd collaboration between Ayana and me! She was also featured a couple of year back on my song “S.O.S”. You can listen here 👉🏽 Colby Jeffers – S.O.S (ft. Ayana)

Ayana also previously joined me on the Elevated Conversations podcast back in 2022 to discuss our song and her journey as an artist!

EPISODE 33: S.O.S (song review) w/ featured artist, Ayana

Thanks again for being a supporter of my music!! Check back soon for more updates on the “Be Happy” album!!

With love and gratitude,

– Colby