The Story Behind the Song: Wizdome

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An album is more than a mere random collection of songs. An album is the thread that weaves an assemblage of songs together into a beautiful tapestry of musical goodness. Each track harmonizes with the rest, sharing a snap shot of one overarching story. For this reason, selecting a proper album title is of the […]

The Story Behind the Song: The Movement

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Sometimes, a simple song – 4 minutes of music and words – can take years to create. “The Movement”, an upbeat, high energy song off my latest album, Wizdome, aims to inspire youth to move quickly and take action. Ironically, the song and video actually took quite a bit of time, with several lapses in […]

Wizdome Album Debut

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Friday February 24th, 2017. A huge milestone in my progression as an artist… My first ever concert! Over the past few years, I’ve had the opportunity to gain experience and perform my poetry and music in various settings: open mics, classrooms, school assemblies, conferences, etc. But all of them were on other people’s turf. This […]

Music and Community

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Take a moment to think about your favorite rapper or singer. Most likely, a single person comes to mind. That’s because in today’s music world, the performer tends to be the person that gets most of the attention and credit. But if there’s one thing I learned from my time spent working on my latest […]

Meaning of Wizdome

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A lot of people have been asking me why the title of my new album is “Wizdome”. Well, let me take a moment to explain… As an rapper and musician, I’m continually refining my CREATIVE PROCESS. I’m constantly thinking about how I can sharpen my craft and attain a higher level of EXCELLENCE. Whether it’s listening […]

The Story Behind the Song: Change the World

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Let’s take things BACK TO THE BEGINNING. I guess you could say it was around my 25th birthday… 😂😂 LOL! What I mean is that it took me 25 years to become ENLIGHTENED. Enlightened to the fact that I could use the power of MUSIC to CHANGE THE WORLD. Oddly enough, it took me traveling half-way […]

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