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The ‘LIT’ Album Experience

LIT is a ‘lyrical remix’ album where I take mainstream pop and hip hop songs that have an amazing sound and style (but leave a lot to be desired in terms of lyrical content), and I infuse them with my own original, spiritually-conscious lyrics.

Day 5 – “Made It Out”

Vlog #5

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The Original Song

Kevin Rudolf ft. Lil’ Wayne, Birdman, & Jay Sean – “I Made It”
***Warning Explicit Content***

Song Facts:
Release Date: 2/10/2010
Billboard Hot 100 Chart Peak: 21st
U.S. Record Sales: 1 million+
YouTube Streams: 20 million+

My Lyrical Remix – “Made It Out”

The Lyrics

Let’s get it, yo

[Verse 1]
All these forces, surrounding me,
Grabbing at me, pushing and pulling me all around like gravity,
I’m telling you man like honestly, it’s kind of sad to see,
All this depravity, calamities,
Civilization leaping over the bounds of moderation,
Beauty on the outside, rotten underneath, society looking like a cavity,
Immersed in a sea of materialism, when you’re swimming, it’s all good,
But without your boat, it’s really a material prison, missing the spiritual foundation,
Sinking sinking, walking through life, no prayer, no praise, no devotion, unphased,
We don’t need God,
I was living with this mindset, following the blind not blinking,
Then I got to thinking, let me sidestep,

[Hook x 2]
I made it out,
Can’t weigh me down,
I made it out,
I made it out,
I’m shouting loud,

[Verse 2]
Poppin pills like their skittles,
Poppin bottles like it’s kool aid,
Treating women like objects
Hit it and quit it and smash and dash it like she is just a
piece of meat you can treat like a treat, well trick or treat,
But this aint Halloween, this pornographic fantasy will leave you feeling hollow
As a teen watching scenes on the screen that are simply obscene,
Consuming these movies like it was candy, but it was really a carcinogen,
Cancerous curriculum eating away at the innocence and purity of my spirit and,
feeling used and abused, cuz the trick is on you,
I’m taking back my nobility, so I can say

[Hook x 3]
I made it out,
Can’t weigh me down,
I made it out,
I made it out,
I’m shouting loud,

[Verse 3]
Heedless, my generation needs this,
Message, the racial prejudice of our nation has got me speechless, squeamish, sleepless nights,
Wondering if I am living in a melting pot or in a powder keg, xenophobic bottleneck, corrosive
bigotry seeking power getting louder and louder, looking up ahead, race is a man made illusion,
Black to brown to white, shades of human, I’m illumined,

[Hook x 2]
I made it out,
Can’t weigh me down,
I made it out,
I made it out,
I’m shouting loud,

[Verse 4]
You aint cheating, then you aint trying,
Teach deceit compete to beat defeat,
Cuz the meek are weak, the key to be elite,
Is to crush the competition by any means necessary,
That’s how we do, me over you,
I do what I gotta do, to get that W,
Cuz all I do is win win win, that’s how you play,
But life is not a game,
So why you still frontin?
When it’s game over, there aint no reset button! Thank God that I,

[Hook x 3]
I made it out,
Can’t weigh me down,
I made it out,
I made it out,
I’m shouting loud,

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Elevated Conversation

Based on today’s lyrical remix, here are some questions for reflection:

1) Are there certain societal standards of success that you DISAGREE with?
2) How do YOU define “success” in life? What SHOULD it look like to “make it”?

I find it fascinating how much pressure we put on ourselves to live up to standards we may not agree with or have any passion for, just because society tells us to! I’m curious to see what you all think about this topic! Let me know by leaving your thoughts below!👇🏽


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