Revisit: Day 1

The ‘LIT’ Album Experience

LIT is a ‘lyrical remix’ album where I take mainstream pop and hip hop songs that have an amazing sound and style (but leave a lot to be desired in terms of lyrical content), and I infuse them with my own original, spiritually-conscious lyrics.

Day 2 – “What If”

Vlog #2

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The Original Song

Troye Sivan – “YOUTH”

Song Facts:
Release Date: 11/13/2015
Billboard Hot 100 Chart Peak: 23rd
U.S. Record Sales: 1 million+
YouTube Streams: 110 million+

My Lyrical Remix – “What If”

  •     What If


The Lyrics

[Verse 1]
What if you were being lied to?
What if your true purpose just slipped right by you?
What if you had been deceived?
What if all this time they made you believe in a fairytale but it was really all fiction?
What if the truth has been hidden?
What if we’re staring at a mirage? A facade built to keep us from God,
What if this whole time you were upside down?
Now, what if you flip the world around?
Break loose from the snares, you ain’t taking the bait,
Let your soul right through that heavenly gate,
What if? yeah yeah,
What if? yeah yeah,
What if you see the pomp and the glory for what it really is?
What if you tap into what’s really glorious?
Dust off the dross, turn up your light,
Burning veils, flying free,

I’m feeling good like, yeah, I’m feeling good like,

[Verse 2]
What if you looked past the delusion?
What if you saw the solution sitting right inside of you?
Your heart is a lamp, let the light shine through,
What if you took back your life?
What if you let the rays of truth light up the night?
What if you cracked the shackles?
Freed your soul up,
What if you became a pure channel?
A hollow reed from which the pith of self hath been blown,
What if you surrendered your will to the Will of a Higher Power, building a heavenly home?
What if? yeah yeah,
What if? yeah yeah yeah,
What if you blocked out those siren voices beckoning you to make all the wrong choices?
Got my eyes on the real prize, ditching the distractions, I’m alive,

Feeling good like, yeah, I’m feeling good like,
Feeling good like, yeah, I’m feeling good like,

[Verse 3]
What if there’s more to being a youth than living wild and free?
That story is a spoof,
Being popular and cool, or getting good grades,
What use is it all?
What if it was all in vain?
All that power and vigor and energy being stolen,
What if you became awoken?
Can’t steal me from my purpose, I’m steeled for life of service,

Feeling good like, yeah, I’m feeling good like,
Feeling good like, yeah, I’m feeling good like,
What if?

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Elevated Conversation

Let’s continue our discussion! Based on today’s lyrical remix, here’s another question for reflection:

1) Imagining a better world, finish the following statement/question: “What if __________________?”

Our imagination is one of the most powerful capacities of the human intellect. Progress begins as an idea from our imagination, which then provides a vision and framework for action. I’m really eager to see what ideas spring forth from your imagination! Leave your thoughts below!👇🏽

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